The Most Hated 27 Words in America

How can we expect the United States Supreme Court to protect our Second Amendment rights us when they are not even willing to defend their own precedents?

The Importance Of Letter Wrtiting

This is the same statute that Dick Anthony Heller used successfully to sue the District of Columbia when they refused to issue him a permit to keep a handgun in his home.

Please Keep your Oath Mr. Sessions

We believe in the rule of law, that gives Police and Prosecutors great power to enforce the laws of our nation, but when that same power is used to deprive citizens of their Constitutional or statutory rights, it destroys the public trust in the very institutions that form the fabric of our Republic.

Commentary: Fight against Red Flag in NY gathering attention

by Michael “Vass” Vasquez We need to keep the pressure on New York State Senators to reject all 5 Red Flag Bills in the State Legislature. While the major news media in New York State (and the country) have pushed the highly distracting partisan message that the US Government is akin to Nazi Germany, the…