Liberty Is Not A Political Position

What is your political position? To answer this question, it requires you to examine your personal beliefs and assign a label to yourself. The world in which we live is full of labels. Words intended to define everything known to man. And in the realm of politics, there is no shortage of adjectives available to…

The Most Hated 27 Words in America

How can we expect the United States Supreme Court to protect our Second Amendment rights us when they are not even willing to defend their own precedents?

Reclaiming our Independence

The early days of the United States shows a story that unfolded that closely parallels the events of today. Gun-control advocates are working hard to enact legislation that is eerily similar to the laws enacted by the British Crown. Today July 4th, 2017 needs to mark the day that we reclaim our Independence from those that wish to enslave us. Defending the Second Amendment is crucial to preserving that independence.

The Importance Of Letter Wrtiting

This is the same statute that Dick Anthony Heller used successfully to sue the District of Columbia when they refused to issue him a permit to keep a handgun in his home.