The Importance Of Letter Wrtiting

This is the same statute that Dick Anthony Heller used successfully to sue the District of Columbia when they refused to issue him a permit to keep a handgun in his home.

Please Keep your Oath Mr. Sessions

We believe in the rule of law, that gives Police and Prosecutors great power to enforce the laws of our nation, but when that same power is used to deprive citizens of their Constitutional or statutory rights, it destroys the public trust in the very institutions that form the fabric of our Republic.

The best time to be a patriot.

Everybody wants to be a patriot, until it’s time to do patriot things. I first heard this quote on the internet some years ago, and though I’m not recollecting it word for word, it’s close enough. It is one of those glib, tongue-in-check statements that holds far more weight than a first glance usually warrants….

How Glock Gained Popularity

Alright everyone, Patriot Cop came up with a topic he wanted to share with you all. That is, why the Glock pistol became as popular as it has in recent years. Why do you think it got to be as popular as it was? Well…you’re about to find out. Before we get started I want…

Weapon Light Compatibility

One of the things that I have found to be the more difficult aspect of gun ownership is figuring out if a light will fit on a particular handgun that I have. I have been misled by Amazon reviews and I honestly don’t want to modify my lights to make them fit on one specific…